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REO Bliss

A blend of robust design and sleek looks,these switches have been built to last for really long duration. The Reo range offers the same high standard of quality and safety. 


  • Best in class engineering polymers. 
  • Captive Screws.
  • Brass Terminals.
  • Arc Sheild.
  • Shrouded Terminals.
  • Smooth & low operating switching action. 

Sand Beige

Managing to give your home a smooth finish and never clashing with your furniture, it conveys a confident vibe.

Classic Ivory

The go-to colour for anyone who wants their home to shine. It gives your walls a reason to standout.

Plum Red

For the rooms, which have that signature leather chair, it manages to stand out and conveys the regal feeling you're looking.

Havells REO Bliss Modular Switches 03

Stone Grey

It goes well with the post modern finish for your home, giving an even tone to the walls and is telling of your style. 

Jet Black

For those people who want to make a statement, it is bold and stands out even on bright walls.

Aqua Blue

A calming colour which reminds you of the ocean vibes and breeze which gives you a soothing feeling.

Silk White

A colour to match & provide an even tone to your walls, making it blend easily with your decor.