Electrical Switches

About Simon 

Simon is a standout amongst the worldwide brands of low voltage electrical items from Spain with a gathering turnover of in excess of 300 Mn Euros. Set up in 1916 Simon has an ordeal of over a 100 years in the matter of assembling wiring embellishments voice information and mixed media network frameworks for workstations proficient LED lighting security and reconnaissance gear, electrical assurance frameworks, electric vehicle charging stations and a large group of other electronic arrangements which improves the lives of individuals around the world.

The items are known for exclusive expectations in quality and feel.These items have won probably the most known worldwide honors like Red Dot Award, IF Design Gold Award, Plus X Award, Delta Award in different classifications.

Simon is a leading brand in providing electrical switches worldwide. Simon believe in creating products that are beautifully designed and flawless in function with various colours.

Simon's products are unique that have a special feature and benefit like protection from UV rays, spillage, steel etc.