It has been the pioneer in the water warmer industry since the most recent 50 Years, Racold is a brand synonymous with leap forward development, quality water warming arrangements and finish consumer loyalty.

Quality heated water from racold enavble physical and passionate change. Racold puts stock in the intensity of hot shower and its capacity to wash away the distresses of yesterday and be renewed each day.

About Racold


Racold is India's Most Trusted Brand for Water Heaters

Racold is India's most known brand in water heaters from the place of Ariston, with an arrangement of premium quality items that cover the whole range of water warming arrangements.

At Racold, the items are a declaration of responsibility towards understanding the client's needs. This drives each advancement, while the items dependably keep on delivering effectiveness and environment-accommodating advantages.

Racold has been perceived as 'India's Most Trusted Water Heater Brand' 2016 by Trust Research Advisory (TRA).  This is the first run through 'Water radiators' has been presented as a sub class under Durable. Racold is the main Water warmer brand to get this acknowledgment

Frequently throughout everyday life, we are looked with choices we experience difficulty making. These choices are extreme and incur significant injury on us, influencing us to pick what won't not be correct. A hot shower gives us the space and time to invigorate our contemplation and think unmistakably, helping us settle on right choices. We are changed amid this hot shower and clear about what we need, accordingly being 'renewed' in the correct sense. Racold saddles this intensity of a hot shower and causes you be renewed each day.