Dynex ; History, Brand and Quality

About Dynex Batteries – 

History –

Dynex is the premium worldwide brand of capacity control arrangement offered by Exide Industries Limited India. The brand was acquainted with only serve the worldwide stockpiling power needs. The item extend under this brand is made with extremely old solid experience of Exide Industries Limited, which has a rich history of spearheading in assembling lead corrosive batteries, beforehand under the name of Chloride Electrical Storage Syndicate, since 1880. With predictable significant offer of skillet India showcase, Exide Industries Limited’s image character is live and exemplifies estimations of trustworthiness and trust. These qualities have been held exceptionally holy by the Company in each part of its task and are repeated in its responsibility to all partners, clients, investors, workers and society.


Brand –

Dynex marked batteries are outlined with additional consideration on differing worldwide prerequisites. Throughout the years, the brand has been become through a ceaseless and steady concentration and developed as a brand with contemporary qualities. Produced in specialized cooperation with Shin Kobe-Denki, Japan (the creators of Hitachi marked batteries) and the Furukawa Battery Co. Ltd., Japan (the creators of Furukawa marked batteries), mark Dynex appreciates universal quality confirmation. Dynex brags of a universal dispersion system and administration, which is consistently checked and kept contemporary through advancing life cycles, and is constantly in front of rivalry. The brand has earned for itself a remarkable status by getting to be bland to the class.


Quality –

Exide Industries Limited’s understanding of serving worldwide car marks reliably inside India and abroad with OEM fitments mirrors the committment towards quality and efficiency. The organization appreciates ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949 confirmation and conveys the trust of all around regarded vehicle producers. Dynex is the brand uniquely created by Exide Industries Limited to serve worldwide car stockpiling power needs with wide item go and productive fare certifications.


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